Take a Seat to Watch and See

Take a seat to watch and see,
Upon the window ledge we’ll be.
Two cities meet somewhere along,
The spark where you belong.
From here the light of down below,
You’ll face that bright and eerie glow.
For you will gaze the gold and red,7a48c83fda69188b92d9ac15d3677600.jpg
Fit the whole world in your head.
Can you feel the heavy song,
Of those who watch the silent long?

Take a seat to watch and see,
Resist to go on a killing spree.
Do dare to disturb the universe,
discover the secrets, abolish the curse.
Watch the darkness before the dawn,
There’s a reason why you were born.
So c’mon, get into that light,
Don’t be scared, take the flight.
Feel the wind gushing upon your face,
Every single soul you may trace.

Take a seat to watch and see,
Break the spell, get on your knee.
Pull up the sword, stab the crook,
Or make a bond within the look.
World will witness how you’ve grown,
In history, you’ll forever be known.
Wake up soldier, break the silence,
Be a winner without any violence.
Come back victorious, take a pledge,
Sitting with me on that window ledge.

Take a seat to watch and see,
With your mind enlightened, you’ll be free.


Small World Things

Look back at all the time you’ve made it to and the time you have to make it through, what tangles your imagination is what tomorrow be holds for you. It’s a small world we live in how many coincidences could interlock at a certain point in your life and could retaliate your assumptions about your future. How small world it is that if you start thinking about it, it just gets annihilated in your one mere thought. A human being is a randomly generated physical form brought to existence by other human beings, It grows to become the same as their creators and it’s all clichéd. Surviving is the most crucial part of your existence now, you do all what you can to make it through this world. Everyone has different ways to get what one desires. On the redemption day which is known as Friday night or Saturday in the Westernized present time you go out to seek the liberty you will for during the rest of week and at the end of it, on the Monday morning you find yourself where you never really desired to find yourself. The working days feeling like eternity and we all got weight to carry on our shoulders in the end that matters is how pleasant it is to you. It’s nothing like you can run away with it, you are intensely tied with the mortgage now. You would’ve run away if it wasn’t a small world. Alas!

Time is an interesting concept too, as it passes we begin to fail and eventually collapse. Like the kinetic energy, you’re all on your own but yet supported by tiny factors that keep you going. What is benevolent for you is that you get rid of anguish you’re suffering from, but when in the world words started to fix things?

You are mentally bounded and having an indefinite contract with your loved ones to stay for them where you are and suffer from the looped infelicity. We wanhopes, we misanthropes. Paying for a living and living for each other.

Exorbitant Will

Out of the pen of a sober in the dim lighted room the ink draws the severe melancholy. Somewhere stuck with a devoted self esteem and self righteousness, listening to the same old songs from good old days and filling the void of dark melody sounding as low as a last prayer.

The atmosphere was the fuel for every iniquity hour. It felt like there was a book in the obscurity and the words on it could save me from the vengeance of the blue sky but I assumed it was just me who was a dunce.

In the spontaneous dysphoria I had lost my lullaby tape somewhere. It’s a big world outside, where I could recover myself from? Maybe you could help, I don’t wanna sound mean but I know you would not. Who can I blame for this? since it’s already a mess in your head. What could save you from your own fallen angel? because there are millions of shadows outside. As it seems, it’s not just about me anymore, you participate equally in this wave that would drown us eventually, but I still think there are some sparks that could burn this house down where our grief resides with all his friends. When everything was on fire you were cold, now look at you. Someone who talks to oneself in front mirror, Something like a battery running with positive and negative impact. Sliding down from the happy hill like my school bag’s strap from my silk jacket. All the words we held in mouth, in the heads some frozen doubts but too concrete to be melted by the sun. I never knew I could get over it in an eyeblink, though I am not acknowledged by the end of this thing but it’s a big world we live in, there’s a lot of ways to get killed but it’d be a shame if a cigarette takes away your life from you, the life is too short to be afraid of the cemetery streets, it’s too short to count the sheen stars, to look through the windows for the barely visible cats, to stay till the last hour of class. All these tiny things that we could to get through short life but we refused to accept the faith. There are a lot of things in this world but I don’t know when the butterflies will breathe in the thunderstorms, I am not aware when the shooting stars will come to life, I am not even sure what will happen on the due dates but the sadism joins the party when I come to the reality where it says “I don’t know if I will ever see you in the way I used to do before”, but there could be infinite forms of realities and maybe in some of these we are what we couldn’t be in this reality and hopefully a cigarette won’t kill you in that dimension of time. It’s a bizarre world outside, we aren’t even aware of our existence now, the sobriety is taking over tonight. Something wins every day and loses other day and I don’t know why I chose to be nothing out of this game of “things”. If the solitude accompanies everywhere then I am not alone but lost for sure.

Unwanted Redemption from the Intellectual God

Starting out everyday in the depths of his mind,
waiting for another lesson combined.

Never skipping the expressions on his face,
or the hesitation before every case.

Fool to believe she’s the only one,
an adventurous intellectual God’s burn.

She sees ’em fading, the colors burst.
Mercilessly condemned to quench his thirst.

She’s still hopelessly falling and believing.
Everything he stood for, was now ceasing.

For he had lied relentlessly to her,
gave his intellectual heart to many others.

She’s a fool, still laughing in enlightened darkness.
Gave everything, whatever she could harness.

The infidelity-driven didn’t believe in a lord.
Would be baffled to know, he’s her intellectual God.

Echoing now through all damnation,
She’s finally getting her unwanted redemption.



If you meet him Asmodeus, do tell him I’m trying to forget the good old days. He wandered away from his promises, I’m still wholeheartedly fulfilling mine.

Do tell him Asmodeus, I knew of his playfulness but not of his infidelity. Do tell him I was a fool, not to love but to be in so.

Look him in the eyes Asmodeus, and notice if he flinches. Just like my lips trembled when he just couldn’t see that I was hurting, right in front of him.

Tell him dearest Asmodeus, that my heart is linked to yours. And I shared it with him. Make him realize that you would know if it breaks.

You must remember Asmodeus. He should never know of my fall. He should not realize that I’m no good without him. He can’t get away with that.

Don’t forget him, Asmodeus. He tells me I’m too good for him. Why don’t we prove him right? Why don’t we make him realize that he never deserved me?


Even Stranger Things

I used to know somebody, someone really positive adjectives worthy. Someone who disappeared suddenly.
It’s one big world with the infinite possibilities, every day at the place different incidents occur like a same old cassette you play and each time you do so the new tracks come up. Every soundtrack is made of personalities and every personality appears to behave differently like the rhythm of the track and eventually it changes. It’s a foolish idea.

There’s one thing one always happens, the clichés and the Déjà Vus. On the other hands that happens is that they go ignored until they start making you scratch your head and make you sit in a corner and reflect about all the previous tiny headed sinisters. Till the end of the day, it’s too late for you and that Someone is disappeared by then.

Now the chaos was real, am I feeling low? Like those price tags on black Friday in Walmart. There’s no fun if the gust of wind thrashes vertebra there and you only feel like some kid hit you with a napkin and you’re just letting it go. It’s like TV serials, soon enough it’ll be like a film and then perhaps it’ll be on the news too, eventuality does the miracles. For now, All I know is somebody has disappeared and as I said in the beginning, it’s a big world and the possibilities are endless. All I hope is that it won’t turn out to be a tragic story in the end because for now, all I know is that someone is I used to know has disappeared


Hey my Friend, I don’t know what I want to do with this but send, I have this bizarre currency of her feels that I just spend, after all the pocket tends.I lost them friends, can’t lose you now oh friend!

Where am I where will I go that depends, though I don’t have events to attend but I have no words on my tongue either so I must extend, extend enough to make you comprehend.

Everybody is writing today, like it’s a trend, I do this they do that, we are left with what we defend, for that the pen and pages are what I recommend, at least I pretend, but do we really defend? It’s period of time where we condescend.

I don’t have much to offer, there’s some love and peace that I can lend, believing that would bring this battle to an end, I have put all the efforts in this but why it still has to descend?

Perhaps I failed to mend, the guilty is charged, I assume it’s the time for me when they’ll suspend, I lost it, surely my fault, it didn’t offend,

I didn’t do my best to mend, the guilty is charged, the punishment isn’t anything but they’ll suspend, I lost it, my fault, what’s the offend, I’ll probably commend, if nothing then an append.

If I fail, I wouldn’t stop, I won’t wend,
it will take a while, but I will unbend,
The circumstances I’ll befriend, all that I would blend.
I believe I will amend, I will bring this to end.
I will bring this to an end.